Mythology of modern dating methods

13-Dec-2016 16:13

I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wishes to critically examine the claims of evolution, particularly with regard to the alleged age of the Earth, and the alleged ages of rock formations. in Biology) offers a solid body of well-documented evidence that things are not what evolution's apologists would like us to believe.

From cradle to grave, we are exposed to “authoritative” claims, the purpose of which is to reinforce in our minds this so-called “fact” of science.But Woodmorappe's arguments are stated with clarity and sufficiently documented, so that readers with some scientific interest and/or background will benefit from the book and find it a useful resource when faced with the standard claims of radiometric dating's reliability in "proving" what evolutionists so desperately want us all to join them in believing.The data and interpretations advanced by Woodmorappe in this book are sure to be simultaneously ignored and/or derided by those whose evolutionary beliefs necessitate such dogmatic and unscientific responses to empirical data.Secular science continues to reveal cracks regarding these philosophical convictions.

Some of the standard arguments for such extreme ages are not as straight forward as once thought.

With chapter titles in his latest new book such as “ Bogus Arguments for the Overall Validity of Dating Methods” “ Malfunctioning Watches,” and “ Reliability Criteria,” the reader can judge for himself (or herself) the conclusions to which Woodmorappe has been forced by the data under consideration.