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01-Feb-2015 01:22

If Russell isn't your cuppa tea, don't despair, there are more than 4000 other celebrities on the site -- all real, all nude, all the time!

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In last year's A Single Man directed by designer cum filmmaker Tom Ford, he played opposite Colin Firth and gave his fans plenty of chances to appreciate just how sexy and attractive he can be...especially when naked and nude! Firth an eyefull and more prior to a hot bit of homo-lovemaking: He's no longer young and not nearly as fit as in time's past, but Aussie megastar (and perpetual bad boy) Russell Crowe somehow or another still manages to be one very sexy man; vide the newly released Robin Hood if you have any doubts. Crowe's career for a long time, both because of the aforementioned sexiness and because, let's face it, he makes really good movies. And speaking of goods, Russell has never been one to shy away from showing his bare assets to the world.On the skin front, we have to admit there hasn't been nearly as much nudity as we'd like (and he deserves).