Optimize the boot image updating process

30-Sep-2016 08:47

optimize the boot image updating process-28

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For example based on variables we can build accountant/developer specific workstation, with custom disk configuration, application sets, and much much more.

This time we will create a simple MDT Task Sequence to get familiar with MDT components.

Today I'm going to create MDT Task Sequence in SCCM world.

MDT offers advanced sequences, better prepared for customization and conditional installation.

Ok Let's push this content to Distribution Points, coffee and we will try the installation.

It might be worth setting up some notifications for when a OSD completes either being successful or a failure.

Click on Finish to close the import operating system wizard.

This folder will contain the operating system files.Custom task sequences can be used to perform specialized operating system deployments or to perform other custom actions or steps.Before we deploy windows 7 to our client machine, we must import operating system to the deployment share. Click on MDT Deployment Share, right click on Operating Systems and click on Import Operating System.We would be making use of WDS and MDT in deploying windows 7 to a client machine.

optimize the boot image updating process-41

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Before you start deploying windows 7 using MDT please go through my previous post on Installing and Configuring Windows Deployment Services and Integrating WDS with MDT.Very good feature but you can't troubleshoot the errors if you don't have the logs to understand what is going wrong in the Deployment of Windows OS or any application.

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