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Advantages and Benefits of Peer Education Some advantages and benefits of peer programmes within sport programmes addressing SRHRProgramme partners communicate that peer educators can be particularly effective in transmitting information and ideas, but less so when it came to providing referrals for sexual and reproductive health services.They also can be more comfortable when working with peers in individual sessions or groups, and less confident with larger advocacy efforts at the community level.MTG has been integrating football and peer-led health education since 2004.The girls and young women in the health department have a lot of experience in educating each other and their peers in issues of reproductive health and rights.Each year a number of schools that participate in the MTG tournament are selected for a one year school peer education programme.Boys also are included during the video shows at schools.Another addition is “ask an adult a question” in which girls can ask questions anonymously.MTG health staff members are the adults who collect the questions and help the peer educators to answer the questions.

Players select their own peer educator who takes them through a two year interactive programme focused on reproductive health and rights.Community theatre, debates, school clubs and innovative door-to-door campaigns are utilised.These are but a few of the ways CFK’s 52 Peer Youth Educators educate their community about HIV/AIDS and reproductive health.Peer providers know exactly how to reach the ones they are trying to help – they know how to communicate effectively.

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Sport programmes are safe places where adolescent girls can ask any kind of question and not feel embarrassed.Tip: Comprehensive Peer Education Some programme partners emphasise that peer education is not intended to be an isolated intervention; it is intended to be one important part of a comprehensive, co-ordinated effort to help lead adolescent girls towards making their own wise and responsible decisions.