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The 11 Canis-Minorids are a meteor shower that can be seen in early December. BA or "twins" in the Three Stars Each tablets, dating to around 1100 BC. APIN, this name was also applied to the pairs of Pi Orionis and Zeta and Xi Orionis. Canis Minor was one of the original 48 constellations formulated by Ptolemy in his second-century Almagest, in which it was defined as a specific pattern (asterism) of stars; Ptolemy identified only two stars and hence no depiction was possible.Though strongly associated with the Classical Greek uranographic tradition, Canis Minor originates from ancient Mesopotamia. The Ancient Greeks called the constellation προκυων/Procyon, "coming before the dog", transliterated into Latin as Antecanis, Praecanis, or variations thereof, by Cicero and others.Stuff like ‘Always be honest about who you are and how you look’ is solid.Regardless of your size or any other distinguishing personal characteristic, being truthful in presentation is important because (duh) it shows you as a person of trustworthiness, and also, a person who isn’t ashamed of who they are.Canis Minor contains only two stars brighter than the fourth magnitude, Procyon (Alpha Canis Minoris), with a magnitude of 0.34, and Gomeisa (Beta Canis Minoris), with a magnitude of 2.9.

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In fact, moving to a metropolis like New York City has exposed me to a chub-positive dating life I didn’t know was possible.

Admittedly, that could be in large part because I woke up this morning and walked over to my coffee pot and was like “Oh hey cool! ICE COFFEE IT IS” but as I am most inured to the effects of eating and drinking things in various states of rot, I must be turn back to the article as the source for my gastrointestinal distress.

It’s interesting in theory to compile a list of online dating for plus-sized dames like myself on the prowl for unfamiliar genitals and faces to acquaint ourselves with.

Pick A Punny User Name Worried about how your potential date might handle the news that you are every bit as luscious as depicted in your profile pics? For example, here are some names I have used to cut down on confusion: Cake Eater, Beccaomnomnom, Becca Got Back83.2.

Be Aggressively Confident On a first date with a guy you’ve met online and he’s being sexy-sweet, saying something like, “You’re so beautiful”?At the end of the day, I think there is only one rule for online dating and for life, and that is, in the immortal words of Bill and Ted: Be Excellent To Each Other.