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04-May-2014 19:04

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"A 6-year-old may not think of someone as mommy's girlfriend, but think of that person as 'the one who brings Legos' or 'the one who takes me out to ice cream,'" Sheff said.From ages 9 to 12, kids became more aware of their families as different, but mostly said it was easy to stay "closeted," because people tend to mistake polyamorous arrangements as blended families or other relics of modern relationship complexity.15 in Berkeley, Calif., and ongoing studies are examining everything from how jealousy works in polyamorous relationships to how kids in polyamorous familes fare.Though there's a lot left to learn, initial findings are busting some myths about how love among many works.For their part, kids in the 5- to 8-year-old range were rarely aware that their families were different from the norm, Sheff found.They thought about their parents' boyfriends and girlfriends as they related to themselves, not as they related to mom or dad.Polyamorous people have largely flown under the radar, but that's beginning to change as psychologists become intrigued by this unusual group.The first annual International Academic Polyamory Conference takes place Feb.

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Polyamorous people report feeling energized by their multiple relationships and say that good feelings in one translate to good feelings in others.

Researchers estimate that as many as 5 percent of Americans are currently in relationships involving consensual nonmonogamy — that is, permission to go outside the couple looking for love or sex.

The environment itself provides for a more serious, long term relationship in the future.… continue reading »

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