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29-Jul-2016 20:25

It’s a fascinating look into why men cheat, and how to prevent an affair.

What’s the number one reason why married men cheat?

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You have nowhere to go but up – if both you and your husband are willing to save your marriage. How many men leave their wives for women who are more attractive? “I had a many mistresses, and none were prettier than my wife,” said one married man who constantly cheated on his wife and yet wanted to stay in his marriage.

According to Neuman, 88% of the men he interviewed said the other woman wasn’t better looking or more physically fit than their wives.

The number one reason why married men cheat is NOT about sex. Many married men cheat because they’re lonely in their marriage, and they want to feel connected to a woman who loves them and wants to be with them physically and emotionally.

Use sincere praise to encourage and uplift your husband, and he’ll be less likely to cheat on you.

Remember that cheating isn’t necessarily a sign your marriage is over.Learning the truth about cheating is about building a mutually beneficial and fulfilling relationship.

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