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The chief features of whieh for facility of reference are now here repeated. Sindir, to sneer at, to jeer at, to quiz, to taunt, to deride. 57 Digitized by uooq le 450 A DICTIONARY SUNDANESE Sing'apura, Singapore. Sintrek, to fillip, to strike by jerking a finger from the thumb. It bites very hard, and eauses mueh pain , drawing blood. The Vowe U have therefore the power whieh is generally aseribed to them on the Continent of Europe. Sinariĕun, anything whieh usually does not happen now taking plaee. Sindoro, a high mountain in eentral Java in the residency Kadu. This mountain is near the Sumbing and the two together are ealled „the Brothers,” by navigators. „ Atĕul, the itchy ant, eauses prurienee, of red eolour, and on the ground. 3 / Digitized by uooq le Digitized by uooq le A DICTIONART OF TIIK SUNDA LANGUAGE OF J A V A b r JOHTATH AW RIOO. Digitized by Digitized by uooq le P R E F A C E It will be nece«sary to say a few words regarding the orthography followed in the following dictionary, and the sourees from whieh information has been derived in making the eompilation of the work. The old Malay Singapore was destroyed by the forces of Majapahit about A. The idea conveyed is evidently that of feeling ants ereeping over the body. This word is frequently used though the eompound word wong is not Sunda but Javanese, and means: person , individual. 451 Sinta, tlie spou Se of Rama, in the Ramayana; ealled more frequently Sita Dewi. To twirl a eoin, and bet upon wliat face will be uppermost when it stops. Si-reu-euk, one of the numerous names applied to wild pigs, especially when they are in flocks, whieh r'iu-'iuk expresses, as it means smoke. The following varieties are distinguished , bearing the prefix Sirtum . Member of the Batavian Society of Arts and Soienoes. I have been tauglit it among the mountain, I liave enquired after it froin the rr.ountain Jspirit. That 8ystem has been adhered to, as nearly as possible, whieh has been followed by Marsden in liis Malayan Dictionary and grammar, whieh is explained in the prefaces to those works, and whieh was originally laid down by Sir William Jones for oriental languages. S i n t o k , a large forest tree , the bark of whieh is aromatie , and used mueh in native medieines. Sirĕum Akas, is a large blaek ant found on the ground. An is pronouneed like Englisli oto, in Aoio, eoto, as jauh 9 bau 9 baur t And as Duteh auw in kamo , lauieer. Di siksa , to punish, punished; perhaps derived from Sikshd and Sikshana , C. It is little used as it is brittle and soon breaks. Eu is of very freijuent oeeurrenee , but is not heard in Malay. 730, learning, study, the acquisition of seienee; taming, diseiplining. A publie domain book is one that was never subjeet to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. To laku di sorang , you eannot pass that way, (from some difficulty existing on the road). Of himself, of his own free will, Sora - ngan kadiyo y I have eome alone. Kris na geus di soren } he has stuek the kris into his belt. Soro, name of fine fiavoured fish , found only in mountain streams.

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It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the publie domain. To wear a weapon by stieking it into a belt round the body. by a belt hung over the shoulder, as a soldier earries liis sword.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resouree, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by eommereial parties, ineluding plaeing teehnieal restrietions on automated querying. A mound, a bank, a causeway, an elevated pieee of ground separating fields and serving for the passage of travellers ete.; a bridge; a pass ; a defile. Solo, the original name of the residenee of the emperor of Java; ealled also Surakarta. Soma, the seeond day of an aneient week of scven days, eorresponding to Monday. Digitized by Google 456 A DICTIONARY SUNDANESE Sondari, oeeurs in jampes as Sang Sondari , the name of some supernatural being. Sorosopan, many varieties of the same plant growing together, but whieh do not eome evenly ripe, especially paddy. Sor-sor bai ehai iyan, gently keep throwing water upon it. To open a passage through any standing erop, or through the hair.

We also ask that you: Make non-eommereial use of the files We designed Google Book Seareh for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-eommereial purposes. — It will be seen that in Sunda the meaning is somewhat modified from what it really and originally meant, as the Sundanese attaeh to this word the idea of a pond or lake, whereas in reality it is only the dam or embankment to form the lake. The natives, in makinga grave, dig sideways , at the bottom , a reeess into whieh the eorpse is put , so that the earth thrown in upon the grave again, does not rest upon the body. Solog-santog, to stumble about; to walk and tread rudely on plaees whieh ought to be respeeted. Sorung, the same as sirung , a sprout, the shoot of a tree. 58 Digitized by uooq le 458 A DIOTION ARY SUNDANESE Noise and nonsense. Suan, a nephew or nieee, when the father or mother being our brother or sister is younger than ourselves.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize publie domain materials and make them widely aeeessible. Lain sisitoo , it’s no playing, it’s no ehild’s play. A proper name used in Pantuns as applied to a female or goddess. Name of a terraee in front of native kratons or palaees, where the sovereign shows himself to his subjeets, or gives audienees. Sol, the idiomatie expression of eoming forward, or being put forward. This word express a smaller de- gree tlian the previous word Somplak. The Songgom must, however, be mixed with wood ashes, and eertain barks , especially with that of the Kip'euheur , bruised up. Sontak, broken off, said of the part of any utensil whieh is broken off, as the snout of a tea pot, or the like. Sopal, the covering at the tip of the sheath of any weapon. Sorog, the tenon by whieh two planks are utined, Both planks are eut in a mortiee, whieh is wider within lian without, and the tenon forced in unites the planks firmly. 457 Tlie planks are so joined togetker in pedaty wkeels wken not made witk spokes, Sorog lawang , a bar by whieh a door is fastened, whithin.

Publie domain books belong to the publie and we are merely their eustodians. Tuan ma sok sisiujo bai our master often makes fun, does things for a joke. 741, the daughter of Janaka and wife of Eama Ohandra, earried away by Ra- wana, ealled usually Sila Dewi . Situ, an artificial lake or pond, made by damming up a ravine, so as to retain the water for the purposes of irrigation. Setu , Clough, 763, from Si, to bind, and Tun , affinitivo. Sol bai ka harliup , in front it was put, or in front he eame. Soldado, Portuguese, a European soldier, or one trained to the European diseipline.' S o 1 e m a n , Solomon. Solempat, the same as Chartituh , a plant very mueh resembling Gliariang , whieh see. Sompok, detaehed in a great mass, as when the side of a mountain gets loose and tum- bles down. The horn, ivory, metal or otber tip to a gobang or kris sheath. Sorolok, a bar in a gateway wkiek shoves baekwards and forwards through apertures in the side posts prepared for the purpose. Sorondeng, kaehang or pulse eooked up with butter or eoeoa nut oil. Sorot iyo jettma •pimenakeun , the effulgence of this man is tliat of a nobleman. Sor-sor, the idioinatie expression of doing anything gently or by degrees. Suai, to open out, or open a passage through paddy, grass or the like, by laying the straw right and left with the hands as you pass along. Suap, and Suapan, to feed by putting into the mouth of another.

A is not, under any eireumstanees to be pronouneed as in the English words Paper % naiion t fate t where it usurps the province of the seeond vowel in every other language that emplojs the Roman alphabet. Sinanangkap, a large eaterpillar with a quantity of hair down eaeli side, whieh eauses great itehing if it pierees the skin.

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