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30-Jul-2014 00:22

Adding more to my “no beards” sentence only welcomed lest they waste both their time as well as mine.

How naive of me to think that this could possibly stop these men. I continue to get messages from bearded guys, but now they say “since my beard rules out a relationship, can we be platonic friends? not gay not lesbian………it does not offend me or gross me out.

We made out and explored each others’ bodies for hours, we had orgasms, we played with toys.

I reject the conclusion that the fact my partner’s penis never entered my vagina means we did not have sex.

To my ears, it sounded glaring and dated, something I didn’t hear much in the sex blogging community.

I let him know my feelings via text message, in an attempt to be clear yet courteous, rather than simply disappearing off the face of the planet.

He texted back that he understood completely and thanked me for at least letting him know. my inbox is constantly at max capacity with 97% awful messages despite my periodic message deletion sprees. Also, the messages have gotten a lot worse since then. The list on my profile is not a general list of “great games”, it is a list of my favorite board games.

After so many messages from guys with gigantic lumbersexual Portland-hipster beards, of which I have absolutely no attraction to, I put a one-liner asking please no facial hair in my profile’s “you should message me if” section – the section many people skip to when checking out other people’s profiles.

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Of course, this only invited bearded men to continue messaging me, while adding a disclaimer of “I have a beard hope that’s OK”.It’s common knowledge that a large percentage of people can’t reach orgasm through intercourse alone.