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Healthy sexual functioning is an important component of well-being.It is able to produce a mutual and joint pleasure in couples and even help them cope more efficiently with stresses and problems of daily life (1).The subjects' sociodemographic data, marital satisfaction (using ENRICH Marital Satisfaction Questionnaire), sex guilt (using Mosher Revised Sex-Guilt Inventory), and sexual desire (using Hurlbert Index of Sexual Desire) were gathered.Pearson correlation coefficient and regression analysis methods were used to analyse the data.Feeling guilty about sexual issues is another factor that may affect sexual desire (16).Sex guilt affects different aspects of personal life, especially relationship with partner.

sex imaje woman shomal iran-77


Regan and Atkins define sexual desire as a motivational state that leads to interest and inclination to a sexual object or sexual activity.An important factor in a happy and successful marriage is having a pleasurable sex life, while non-pleasurable sex life can lead to frustration and feeling of insecurity in couples (1).Dysfunctional sexual relationships may occur due to different reasons, but sexual desire is among the main factors that lead to difficulty in sexual functioning.People who feel guilty always worry about violating moral rules and they feel like they are bad persons when they engage in a sexual behavior.

Attitude toward sexual issues, such as sex guilt, is one of the most common reasons of sexual dissatisfaction and sometimes even formation of sexual dysfunction.

Different types of cancer as well as diabetes mellitus are examples of physiological risk factors.