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One comment on the Carson application said in part: “The Carson City School District provides a very strong, comprehensive, and coherent plan for the revision of the district school system.” Photo courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration via Wikimedia Commons.

“Districts have been hungry to drive (Continue reading…) CARSON CITY – A newly elected Republican state lawmaker plans to push forward with a bill next session to allow students and others with permits to carry concealed weapons on the campuses of the Nevada System of Higher Education.

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Mark Amodei, R-Nev., prepared today to attend another briefing with his House Republican colleagues on the latest “fiscal cliff” negotiations, he said that he would consider tax hikes on the wealthiest Americans to reduce the deficit, but not to fund increased government spending. “Elaine has long been a vocal advocate for improving the delivery of education to our state’s children,” Sandoval said.

“Ensuring that poor Nevadans have access to primary health care through Medicaid is very simply the right thing to do, both for our citizens and our economy,” said Sen. “It will reduce our rate of uninsured and provide individuals with greater economic security.” State Sen. “Nevada’s health care indicators continually trail its neighboring states and regularly rank among the worst in the nation,” (Continue reading…) CARSON CITY – Gov.

Brian Sandoval made a “politically courageous and correct” policy decision to expand the Nevada Medicaid program.