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16-Aug-2015 18:15

Berlin-based Chiharu Shiota’s installation, , is exhibited in a former public hall on the island of Teshima.

The Japanese artist has created a tunnel out of old, salvaged windows and doors, in what is one of the few exhibits in the festival that offers a link to the issue of industrial waste in the area.

However, I would like to introduce some of the highlights.

In Teshima, the New York-based, Japanese video and photographic artist Mariko Mori has installed , a 4.5 metre sculpture made of glass and inspired by ancient Celtic lores of standing stones.

Dan Bloom just alerted me to this German webcam site that has collected 137 live webcams from Taiwan.

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She told me that she chose the island as a destination because of its fame as a resort.In Yasujiro Ozu’s film several scenes take place in the town of Onomichi, which faces the Inland Sea.