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Even though the app was his idea, Brown came to believe that he was about to be betrayed. (And you can find out how the story ended in a 8 million settlement here.) It begins in California, in 2011, when Brown decided to stay with his college buddy Evan Spiegel, in Spiegel's father's house on Toyopa Drive, for the summer.They moved in together sometime after school ended, and were deep into the Snapchat project by July.He began eavesdropping on their conversations about him, according to a lawsuit filed in a Los Angeles court.He overheard that his friends had agreed to cut him out of the company. This is how Snapchat — and the most significant startup lawsuit since the Winklevosses sued Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook — was born.Robert Louis Stevenson will forever be an erotic novelist in my mind.

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Nothing in my hush-hush Catholic upbringing and innocent friend circle had prepared me for this earthshaking experience, equal parts pleasure and shame.

But as the summer wore on, and tempers inside the house on Toyopa Drive grew, Brown discovered that in fact Spiegel and Murphy were the closer pair.