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09-Apr-2014 02:20

(Photo by Miguel Eguido) 19.) Athens, Greece - The Acropolis has a top spot on many bucket lists, but the city's sunny streets, flower-lined squares, and incredible museums makes Athens much more than just ancient ruins.

Its proximity to Karnak, Thebes, and the Valley of the Kings makes it a must for history-lovers worldwide.

(Photo by Viajesyfotografia) 14.) Jerusalem, Israel - Jerusalem is a true crossroads of cultures, cuisines, and beliefs.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the streets of the Old City, home to some of history's greatest persons and events.

(Photo by Jordi Batet) 31.) Lyon, France - Lyon is a World Heritage city dating back to Roman times.

Try visiting during the Fête des Lumières when the cathedrals, gardens, and streets are illuminated by thousands of lights.1.) Venice, Italy - How could we not include Venice?

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