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27-Jan-2017 05:17

Women can’t force themselves on young men because even at the young age of 12 and 13 boys have more strength than women. Now this doesn’t take into account the scrawny little emo kids of today, they can definitely be raped by a woman, but any normal looking boy can’t.Furthermore any boy that age would welcome being “raped” by their teachers. more »First off, I don’t see anything wrong with female sex offenders.A study published last year in the arguably the largest and most reputable scientific journal about sex in existence) found that “squirting,” a phenomenon in which a woman has a massive orgasm with a lot of discharge (popular in porn), is “essentially the involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity” mixed with “prostatic secretions.”Translation? And we’ve all heard about the imminent, scary AF threat of STD superbugs.If you don’t think all of these problems are connected, you’re as misinformed as Ms. If any of this is going to improve, we need to start fixing the glaring problems within our education system.You fathers should not be telling the authorities and getting these women in trouble.You should be high fiving your sons and asking them if you can get a piece of that ass, on back to school night. I’m a huge activist for freeing women rapists…So without further ado here’s my list of the Top Ten Hottest Female Sex Offenders.« less Former math teacher at North Side High School in Fort Worth, Texas, was arrested for sexual assault with a 16 year old boy.

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Teachers occupy a position of power as they use their knowledge to educate their students.Furthermore any boy that age would welcome being “raped” by their teachers.