Speed dating event frederick

27-Jul-2014 17:05

So, obviously most of these men do comedy as their part time profession then?

Hoping to restore my faith in the women I checked out their ‘view guests’ button.

8.42 more people started to arrive – some on their own – most with a friend or two – some in groups. lol) 8.55 – all the ladies are asked to sit on the tables around the room and the guys are told that they will be the ones to swap seats once the 3 minutes – yes 3 minutes of banter between the couples is up!

8.50 made a few friends before anything kicked off – usual banter – why are you here! 9.00 – kick off – lady stands up with a microphone and says “lets x-date!

Then, both the men and the women are giving ‘flirt’ cards, which have the profiles of all the people that you are going to meet. People normally stay at the bar after the event to carry on drinking and to either bitch about the amount of losers there are there with your fellow gender, or carry on the flirting with your lucky match.

So ladies, pack away your trepidation, have that glass of wine before you leave the house and go and let the men fawn over you in the old traditional style, as they vie to win your affection and a mark on your flirt card.

Also to protect any of you before you throw yourselves out to the sharks.

(I can tell what your thinking, but no, it’s not because I haven’t had a date in a few weeks and I fancy my chances… At first you’ll be thinking ‘Oh it’s only three minutes, I can fill that time up no problem’ but from the look of some peoples faces when they got stuck with that Gary Barlow fan, three minutes can feel like a long, slow lifetime!

Speed Dating events happen twice a week and spaces are limited.

Step one: As soon as you arrive you will be asked to write your name and contact details on a sheet Step two: Take a seat, girls one side, boys the other. Because like you I picture sad, unattractive, middle aged people all clinging on to their last hope of finding true love. There are many reasons why this could be – it’s a bit of fun and it’s different to the normal night down the pub.