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“How big” is almost always an easier question to answer than “how old.” Though we can measure the sizes of animals and plants easily enough, we can often only guess at their ages. The ancient Greeks Eratosthenes and Aristarchus measured the size of the Earth and Moon, but could not begin to understand how old they were.With space telescopes, we can now even measure the distances to stars thousands of light-years away using parallax, the same geometric technique proposed by Aristarchus, but no new technology can overcome the fundamental mismatch between the human lifespan and the timescales of the Earth, stars, and universe itself.More generally, uniformitarianism holds that the physical laws and processes we see today are the key to understanding the past.This is the idea that, today, enables scientists (including many past and present Members of the Institute) to understand the afterglow of the Big Bang and to see the universe as it was 380,000 years after it formed.The place was just outside of town, but she assured me that I could stay the night because there was lots of room. About an hour later, I went upstairs to look for a washroom.I inadvertently walked into a room with no lights on, just the glow of a cigarette in the dark.Romford girl Jesy broke off her engagement from musician Jake at some point late last year, but did not talk openly about the ‘heartbreak’ for weeks afterwards.

I was happy to count my blessings and swallow the cab fare downtown.

But now Essex boy Chris, 22, has uploaded a snap of he and Ms Nelson together by the London O2 venue on Instagram, suggesting neither of them are single any more.

It was a comment on the post which gave their romance away, as Chris wrote ‘My girl’ with three appreciative emojis next to it.

I enjoy meeting women the old-fashioned way, and I’m a relatively well-known TV type.

Extremely good possibility of some cardiovascular activity? Sam is in his 40s, works in TV, and says “I’ve lived in the same ‘uptown downtown’ neighbourhood for 20 years.” Sam’s style is “‘authentic.’ I’m a guy’s guy. On dates, it’s favourite restaurants, bars, and beaches.” Sam adds “There’s nothing I like more than playing DJ at home, surrounded by candles.”I had been hesitant to try online dating.

I entered the world of online dating and my phone lit up like a Christmas tree. She had long, gorgeous hair, and was curvy in all the right places. I was holding court with Nicole and five or six of her friends, including one insanely attractive woman, Dani, who was smiling at me the whole time.