Sweet dee is dating a retarded person quotes

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Punk (by Tracker)Slim Shady (by Chris)Cam Shaft (by Peter)Cameron (by Jay)Babe (by Emma)Buddy (by Peter and Jimmy)Bitch (by Peter)Knight in Shining Denim (by Sheila)Lover Boy (by Ellie)Bamm-Bamm (by Jay)Monkey (by Jimmy)Junior (by Craig)Brokeback Mountain (by Jay)James Dean (by Liberty) Sean Cameron (born in 1988 in Wasaga Beach, Canada) is a former student of Degrassi Community School.He moved to Toronto while he was in Grade 7 to keep out of trouble after he deafened Tyler Bishop in one ear.Emma saves Sean by asking him to dance, just before Principal Raditch would have seen him. In Basketball Diaries, Sean's social worker suggests he join the basketball team. He grows afraid of being cut from the team over Sean, and takes drastic measures to look better than him.Jimmy takes his friend Spinner's Ritalin, even though he doesn't have ADHD. Jimmy then fouls Sean on purpose and gets cut from the team.Sean confronts her and tells her how no one will hate her.She invites him to the wedding reception, and he shows up. Their relationship hits a complication when Sean starts to drink to make himself relax around Emma's family.

After his freshman year, Sean made it his goal to become a more responsible person, specifically when he emancipates himself from his brother, and when he became a school hero after saving Emma Nelson's life. His reputation in the first season was due to a fight in Wasaga Beach where he almost deafened another kid named Tyler, by sucker punching him in one ear.

She tells Sean that everyone expects her to be the good girl and him to be the bad guy.