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16-Apr-2016 16:35

When Easter put on his case now and called her to the stand — with a sign-language interpreter on hand for her claimed hearing loss — he did not seem angry at the woman he claimed had ruined him.

Instead, his tone seemed almost wistful, his gaze tender.

“I should never have hurt Kelli Peters,” he told jurors when they returned. The “polite and professional” cop had not even raised his voice. “I’m simply a parent of a young family that is broke,” Easter said.

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“All this education that I had is now completely useless to me, by and large,” he said.Barred even from driving for Uber or Lyft because of his felony conviction.Relying on acquaintances to throw him a little work.Don’t believe it.” For Kelli Peters, the run-in with the Easters amounted to “the worst experience of her life,” Marcereau said.

Her daughter Sydnie, who was 10 when the Easters tried to frame her mother, had refused to sleep alone for fear “the Easter monster” would abduct her, Marcereau said.

Had he conspired with his wife to plant drugs in Peters’ car? ” “It was my wife.” That was in keeping with his failed defense during his criminal trials, in which he had cast her as the culprit.