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21-Jan-2016 04:54

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Rather than thinking about when and how to have conversations about what you want, I would recommend that you focus on really having a great time when you’re together.Have a clear idea of what you want and what your “bottom line” is in terms of what you’ll accept in the relationship and have an “exit strategy” if he just doesn’t come around in time.In the cases of the people that I have known who started off casually and ended up in relationships, they wanted to be sure and they felt that the only way they could be was if they had total freedom and choice when they were deciding on who they wanted to be with.In other words, they felt that if they jumped into being monogamous they would have felt “trapped” into having to choose the other person since they had no freedom to them over other people at that time.They ended up dating for several years until she died of a medical complication.

The woman was seeing another man as well at that time, but that guy couldn’t handle the idea of her being casually in a relationship with him so he broke it off.

Both of us have never been married and have no kids. We live about 50 miles away but decided that is no issue. He is always telling me how much he likes me, I’m a sweetheart, how much fun he has with me, he feels so comfortable with me and how our sexual chemistry is just awesome.

He said he wants to take it slow and really get to know me and- much to my dismay- he has gone on dates with other women.

If you like him, your best bet is to stick around and really get to know him.

Pursue getting to know him in depth, not just the charm.Well, almost a month later, he makes sure to lock in the weekend plans with me early in the week and always has something fun and exciting planned.

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