09-Jul-2016 09:13

The SL military and the so-called Resettlement Ministry in Colombo have been working together.But the officials attached to the UN development agency based in Colombo are also taking a similar direction by rushing through a superficial investment without laying out a comprehensive plan for the resettlement of the uprooted people to ensure the delivery of their basic needs, security and livelihood.The GA has come under increased pressure from Colombo to collaborate with the occupying military in surveying and transferring the lands.Full story Australian journalist and an advocate for Tamils rights, Trevor Grant, who has also written widely on SL States genocide against Eezham Tamils and on the complicity of the Western governments in the genocide, has passed away on Monday at the age of 65 after a courageous battle with cancer for 18 months.

[W]ithout truth, justice and an equitable political solution, neither reconciliation nor permanent peace is possible, the NPC resolution said and said that the international community should initiate a UN-mediated negotiation process to resolve the national question.Full story The intelligence wing of the occupying Sri Lanka Army in Moothoor East has been threatening the leaders of various social and justice organisations in an attempt to dismantle the entire social fabric that prevails among the resettled people of Champoor.There have been several reports of strict military surveillance on everything that moves in and out of Champoor and Tamil activists being forced to work as surveillance operatives.The massacre took place while the victims were on their way to the seashore in bicycles carrying their fishing nets in the early hours of the fateful Friday.

The dead bodies were released to the families on a condition that they signed in a document stating that their husbands were LTTE members, says 44-year-old Rifanu Beham Yaseen, the widow of the late Meerasa Marikar Yaseen and a mother of two girls.

The result is compartmentalization of people and permanent enslavement under Sinhala military-led demographic and structural genocide.