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03-May-2016 06:24

Here is where things get interesting and confusing for some.

Each application still has to reference the assembly in order to use it, it does not matter whether from its own Bin folder, or from the GAC. Let’s start, however, with a more basic task – recognizing a GAC reference (assuming you already have some of the Telerik. UI assemblies installed in the GAC, I’ve chosen one of the older versions for this example): Here is an example with two of our Rad Controls assemblies for a Web Site type of project: An easy approach is to use the Property Pages dialog where you can manage the references: Here is another way to tell: Yes, this is in the web.config file of your website. What you need to keep in mind is that such a reference requires the fully qualified assembly name in order to work. Let’s take the visual approach first: Now, for some explanations to go with the images: For a Web Site project just add the above reference in the web.config.

The solution does get installed, but from what I can tell the installed web parts are over a month old (nothing new is installed). if you work with powershell ensure that the thread that does the retract and remove is stopped and the deployment happens in a new thread.

Manually browsing to the desired folder is an easy resolution. It means the reference is typed in wrongly or the assembly is not actually in the GAC of the machine.When do you do the restart/reset, before you remove the solution? I have noticed that if a process is accessing a dll in the GAC when you try to remove it, sometimes it wont do it.If you ensure all the processes are stopped, hopefully there wont be any issues (a similar way to how visual studio does its deploy when you are developing).A way to skip a seek-and-destroy mission through your site is to use a binding Redirect. This will let you examine and properly update references to our assemblies when needed.

This is useful for Share Point and Sitefinity scenarios. More importantly, we learned what the GAC is, what it is and is not good for. The steps mentioned below had worked just fine until about 2 days ago.