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01-Jul-2015 18:15

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Each project runs a makefile in the pre-build event that automaticly builds header files from cpp files based on information in macros imbeded in the cpp code. After waiting patiently (about 20min), I close VS2005 and then it hangs again... A C solution with 21 projects spends minutes "Updating Intelli Sense..." with the CPU pegged.

Each cpp file contributes to up to 4 header files so if the solution were searched the same definitions will occur multiple times. I have read something about a new release which should be more stable... Is there something I should update Where to find the right update I just got lost in all this Microsoft download pages, the only things I found was a pre-beta release of Win FX runtime components from November, but I did not trust it enough to install it........ I think this problem is common to all VC8 solutions containing more than a few files and projects.

Recreate Database Recreate the code browsing database from nothing the next time that the solution loads.

You should never choose these options except in the rare case where a solution is so large that the database activity consumes an unacceptable amount of system resources.Phil Borghesani Hi, The same problem, but with one advantage, I can share the code. The funny thing, I used it until today with no problem. And the funny thing is that the intellisense in VC8 does not pick up changes to header files as well as VC 7.1 used to -- and VC 7.1 did not peg the CPU every time I saved a file.My guess is that Intellisense performance is killed by some of the following: excessive use of templates in code, #import for large native COM classes (biggie IMO), errors in parsing which cause loops (i.e.it never completes), corruptions in NCB files (deleting usually makes things better for a while), preprocessor code greying, very large precompiled headers, slow update of class view pane. We have already started making some fixes in C Intellisense after we released VS 2005 but I'd like to make sure we are hitting all the issues you are facing.

The ideal is to do the following: log a bug in msdn's product feedback ( with a link to it so I can make sure we follow up.If you choose this option, those files aren't indexed, and some features aren't available for them.