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This added RAM was primarily used to decrease UMD load times, and to improve the memory limit when browsing web pages.

The Slim's battery was manufactured to supply the same amount of playtime as the Phat battery while attaining a smaller form factor.

The new screen features twice the color gamut, five times the contrast ratio, and a response time that is twice as fast as the PSP-2000's LCD screen.

It also features a new anti-reflective technology for improved viewing of the LCD screen in outdoor areas.

By 2006 and continuing into 2007, several of these PSP titles were ported to Playstation 2.

The layout is fairly similar to the original PSP, however it moves the system buttons to a single row below the screen which is flush with the case itself.

To save on costs, the PSP-E1000 removed Wi Fi and has only one speaker instead of two.

The WLAN switch was relocated to the top of the device, and the UMD drive now required the user to open it manually, as opposed to the spring-loaded version in the PSP-1000 that was activated using a switch. Sony officially announced the PSP-3000 at the 2008 Leipzig Games Convention.

Improvements over the PSP-2000 included a built in mic and an improved LCD screen.These criticisms were true and it was something that would haunt the system for a majority of it's life.

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