Updating windows xp home to professional

13-Jan-2015 19:57

I strongly suggest it be read before a final decision is made.

A number of other articles are linked from the one below, including a download location for the Microsoft Windows Upgrade Advisor.

Not doing your homework can turn an upgrade into your worst nightmare.

Before I go any further, I’m going to set out my opinion regarding upgrading an earlier operating system to Windows XP. My personal experience has shown that very seldom, if ever, do you realize the full potential of a new operating system when it’s installed as an upgrade.

So, you’ve decided you aren’t willing to invest all that time in restoring applications, data, network, and e-mail resources.

What can you do to minimize the problems associated with an upgrade?

It would be like driving a Ferrari with a Ford Pinto motor.

Even if you do meet the XP minimum requirements that’s just the beginning.

Nor will you be able to enjoy all the features that XP offers.

Answer: Equally as important as the hardware issues are the ones relating to software and Windows XP.