Vidauos sx minar

01-Jun-2014 07:55

how come some guys are running some short ass travel bikes ?

one of the original uci rules of downhill states you must have atleast like 7.5''s of travel so how come they are getting away with basically mountain bikes not downhill bikes? Its a shame the one race of the year where you can go all out and get as patriotic as possible and not everyone does it, its that there choice or the team managers I wonder.

No because i have the balls to pedal my dh bike, haha and yes i had a enduro bike, and a rare one at that, know of the corsair marque if not then YOU clearly know nothing ! I can see why Mitch is running that bike but its a bit sad that people have to consider riding enduro bikes on a supposedly dh course.I was going to pick up a giant faith because I get those real cheap thru connections.The minute I ready to buy they stop making it and only have big wheelers now. I used to have a Reign SX which is pretty dam close to a faith but not quite.Some real steep rocky trails I def need a tripple crown so would go 7"x8" these days.

Unfortunately most companies stopped production on the 180mm frames, just when I about to come full circle and buy another one.he needs a new team or bike to get some believe back, the longer he stays in his current setup the further his form is going to fall. Maybe an "off season" ,still in top 10 overall, will charge him up next year. You were on another post the other day spouting how you are ball fast on any tack and people in videos are slow and how do you start racing. Now your on here giving advice on the biggest race on the circuit and what bikes to ride, yet youve never done one race. If not both than One cause I still have faith in Samuel I will crush anything Hill.... You obviously haven't spent much time studying English. So to end this before it get's out of control, yeah the sleeping Giant will awake,,soon I want Graves to win on the 180/150 Big wheel SB just to A.