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You get an x-height of 3.96pts, which at 16″ away is 0.20° … It’s 141″ from screen to to the mid-point of the table.that’s just on the edge of readable for those with 20/20 vision, and too small for many. That 16pt font clocks in at 0.11°, half the size it should be!A few years ago, a psychologist and a media researcher teamed up to review findings from vision science and typography to find out how text size affects reading speed and comprehension. That field of view, or visual arc, is a factor of the distance from the object and the object’s height.[1] [2] size—is about 4.5 points at 16″, or about 0.2° of visual arc, for readers with 20/20 vision. The smaller the arc, the harder it is to see details.For older readers, this increases to 0.3° (~6 pts); for those with much older and less flexible eyes, it rises to as much as 1.0° (~20 pts). We have to take a detour to figure out how to apply “x-height is 0.3 degrees” to your web font size. To evaluate a font’s minimum readable size, we need to know how far away it is, and how big the font’s letters are.Apply some basic trigonometry and you have your measurement.

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Depending on its design, a typeface[4] may have tall lower case letters, or maybe very short ones. The screens used by our PCs, tablets, phones and TVs are not only different sizes, but the text you see on-screen differs in proportion too, because they have different sized pixels.

The distance from the baseline to the top of a lower-case x is called the x-height. But the size of a pixel—the smallest unit of an image a screen can create—varies by a screen’s physical size and its resolution. 100 pixels on a laptop is very different from 100 pixels on a big 60″ HDTV.

My hunch is that traditional Mac/PC displays, with their larger, chunkier pixels, require slightly larger text to compensate for less precisely formed letters. He sits far back from his screen: His eyes are 32″ away from his 27″ Apple display.

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I haven’t found research into this specific area though[5], so I can’t factor this into our calculations. (I measured.) That 16pt font’s perceived x-height is actually 0.27°. The visual angle of 16pt Times New Roman’s x-height is just 0.16°.

What about different size laptop, desktop and phone screens?