What type countertops for updating kitchen Dubai mature open adult chat

28-Sep-2016 05:48

My counter is original to the house that was built in the mid 1970’s.It was in good shape, but it is Formica with seams.I am going to show you the steps I used to create the marble look.On close inspection you can see and feel that it is not real marble, but the overall white and updated look that I was after.This is what the paint looks like over a seam in the laminate. The surface is smooth, but at certain angles you can see a slight texture in the rolled on topcoat sealer.You can also see how shiny the surface is if you look at the upper right of the photo (above) you can see the color reflection of the cookbooks I have on the counter. For me, applying the topcoat was the scariest part since you cannot go back over the topcoat more than twice as you roll in on.I had one spot in the last section I painted that had something super gunky .I needed to use a razor blade scraper to remove it.3.

The kit comes with the primer, paint and topcoat sealer. Start adding the Iron Core black primer to the counter where it meets the backsplash using the foam brush that comes with the kit. Then begin to roll on a light coat of the primer over the counter.Creating the veins doesn’t take much time, but it does require a teeny bit of confidence to start painting them on.When I didn’t like a vein I created, I simply painted over it using the White Limestone paint that is part of the kit.When dry make sure there is no grease on the counter surface.

Get down to the counter level and look across the counter to make sure.

The nice thing about painting Carrara marble on your counters is you can decide how much veining you want.