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The lithology shows finely laminated siliciclastic sediments consisting of sandstones and shales, and layers of extrusive basalt and tuffs.Researchers believe that during deposition there was increased tectonic activity with extensive volcanism along the distant Pacific Rim as evidenced by conformable deposition of tuffaceous sediment within the layers.What’s the denim jacket worn by Chris Brochu on The Vampire Diaries? According to the guys and gals of shopyourtv.com, it’s a John Varvatos Star USA Denim Zip-Trim Jacket. Without rifles, any apes trying to go aquatic would have wound up as crocodile meals rather than our ancestors.

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In recent years the Jehol Group of China has provided evidence of catastrophic burial that contradicts current evolutionary hypotheses.

The Early Cretaceous sedimentary layers of the Jehol Group of northeastern China, which includes outcrops in the Liaoning Province, have proved a rich source of fossils with numerous varieties of flora and fauna often found with soft tissue preservation.

The Jehol Group consists of the Jiufotang and Yixian formations, which outcrop in southeastern Inner Mongolia, western Liaoning and northern Hebei provinces of China.

Our ancestors had good reason to be wary of going near the water, at least at two key African sites known for their hominid fossils.

At both the Olduvai Gorge site in Kenya and the Koobi Fora site in Kenya, early humans shared the land with large crocodiles, and hominid bones from Olduvai show the marks of crocodile teeth."Those hominids would not have lasted long in the water," Brochu told me.

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