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16-Aug-2016 18:28

Through many many sessions, the male is eventually stimulated to ejaculate.

The ejaculate is stored in a bag or Nalgene plastic bottle.”Despite the distasteful imagery of trainers manually extracting sperm from the penis of a captive orca, the logistial problem with Tilikum and artificial insemination is the lack of diversity in the captive orca gene pool.

After collected, it allows the sperm and ova of captive killer whales to be stored by a technique known as “genome resource banking.” In the early years of Killer Whale Artificial Insemination (AI), Sea World DID use cow vaginas.

That said, they may very well have been artificial cow vaginas.

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The Orca Project consulted with some former Sea World killer whale trainers to learn about Sea World’s Artificial Insemination Program (AI) and to find out just how they obtain the prized samples, or “white gold” from their orcas.

Since Kohana was born in 2002, there have been 9 additional calves born, all by natural conception.

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