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31-May-2014 02:18

The interface is limited to five categories where all the movies are crammed up.

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Design and interface BIGFlix has a neat and straightforward interface—all you need to do is register to the site and choose a plan.

While we like that Google offers SD as well as HD movies to rent and buy, it doesn't clearly mention whether the movie is in HD or SD option, unless you click on the price.

Only when you click on the price will it show the pricing for renting and buying the movies in SD or HD resolution.

There is no HD content, and if you are all about watching movies in HD, then you’d be disappointed.

Moreover, BIGFlix isn't quite alluring when it comes to movies, as a lot of popular and old (leave alone new) movies have been given a miss.Just like BIGFlix, i Tunes has efficiently categorised its content.