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05-Aug-2016 19:10

It’s not the ideal place to be single, as the pool of potential suitors is so small and places to meet people so scarce.

All the faculty I interviewed noted that married people have it easier here — it’s easier to take advantage of Hanover’s social scene with a spouse in tow.

Our faculty were frequently the lucky ones in their graduating cohort, and the promise of a job at the College was simply too luring to resist for many. Hooper said he doesn’t wear apparel with university logos because he gets carded when he does.

Mc Pherson, on the other hand, is now offended when she isn’t asked for her ID.

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He has the app downloaded on his phone, although he admits he doesn’t post much and only has a Yakarma of 111.

She’s lucky, though — she’s more often mistaken for a graduate student than an undergraduate.