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20-Mar-2016 09:16

I have come this time to Fiji to do some humanitarian and charitable work, and to look at opportunities for the involvement of Muslim scholars outside and within Fiji to help open up more avenues for developing positive inter-faith relations and discussions in Fiji.

How do you think religions and cultures can work together to keep Fiji safe?

So organically I think there has always been peaceful living between different religious communities here in Fiji.

The issue now is that Fiji has been affected by globalisation and economic materialism which has entered into Fiji.

The two families lived for years in the same neighbourhood at Hathungo town in Khipro city of the province and developed close friendship.

"When Khatri learnt that his daughter wanted to marry the son of his friend Qaimkhani, he invited his friends family to his place in Mirpurkhas where the marriage was solemnised," said Ahmed Sanjrani, a common friend of the two families today.

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So now Fiji has to protect its natural ability for all people to live peacefully with each other and preserve it’s roots and heritage as a diverse and multicultural society.

Secondly, it is important to know that moderate Islam is a friend of Fiji and Fiji is a friend of moderate Islam.

Further, we actually need to bring back awareness and education and the revival of, true Islam in Fiji: the true Islam is already here, but again it is naturally present, but not always consciously.

Can you confirm if killing others is permitted by Islamic laws? Islam clearly says in the Quran that to take the life of one human being is as if to take the life of the all of humanity.

In my understanding Islam is the only religion that explicitly states that.

The word Islam means peace and Islam also refers to co-existent peace as lived from the prophetic time of Muhammad, peace and blessing of God be upon him-he was very clear in the co-existent nature of peacefully living with other religions.

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