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In any case, Diesel initially declined a return, so they made a sequel with Ice Cube that was actually kind of better (in as much as nobody was asked to mouth lines like “Welcome to the Xander Zone!

even in movies with whole scenes built around Vin Diesel skiing in the jungle or motorcycles that can ride on water.interesting grasp of international geopolitics) largely play out like one of the games if Hideo Kojima had recently received a massive head injury and a subscription to The Intercept.The “plot” (if you can call it that) involves a group of supposed terrorists stealing a device that lets them remotely hijack orbital satellites and then drop them onto cities as DIY bombs.Viewed in retrospect (wherein it’s so profoundly dated that it feels like it’s a thousand years old rather than just 15), it almost plays like a parody trying to imagine what a bunch of middle-aged studio executives would come up with trying to build an action franchise entirely out of trendy fads that circa-2002 13-year-old boys were assumed to be “into.” In case, that meant “extreme” sports (skateboards, skydiving, surfing, snowboarding) edgy tattoos, graffiti, appropriated hip-hop culture, anarchism (as understood by High School-aged Rage Against The Machine devotees), hacker web jargon.

Taking Vin Diesel seriously as an unironic action star outside of the movies.

The premise of this “new” was, to put it bluntly, a real piece of shit – an obnoxiously terrible film that crystallized just about everything awful about early-2000s popular culture and Hollywood’s attempts to pander to the same.