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The auxiliary iikut't, used along with these uninflected particles, is probably the most important word in Kafir; when standing alone, it means 'to say ' ; but when accompanied by a gesture on the part of the speaker it means 'to do' (the thing indicated by the gesture) or 'to act' (in the way indicated by the gesture).

Kafirverbalstemsareof two kinds (A) Primary or strong stems; (B) Secondary or weak stems. The great majority of these primary stems were originally adverbial or interjectional particles and in some instances remain in use still as adverbs or interjections; they are at present, however, generally compounded with ukutl, and they are much more numerous than the present edition of the dictionary indicates, occurring commonly in Kafir intsoini and izibongo and waiting to be gathered.

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A small but trustworthy vocabulary, partly printed and partly in manuscript, compiled by the Rev. This contained only words whose stems commenced with the letters c, p, d, t. Van der Kemp's "Woordenlijst" of 1801, which, being a first attempt, is naturally more of a curiosity than a help to the student. Davis." In compiling a vocabulary of the language for my own use which I had at first no intention of printing, I derived more or less help from each of these sources. These particles are often onomatopoetic or suggestive in their sound, e.g.

"Y^HEN I arrived in Kaffraria in 1845, the only Vocabulary of the language of the people that I could at first obtain was a small Kafir-German one, written by the Rev. Dohne, containing a few more words than the appendix to his Zulu Dictionary p. I thereupon set to work to find what Missionaries of other Churches had done in this direction. Now, though gestures may be employed to express a wide range of meaning, they have their limitations ; and these adverbial and inter- jectional particles serve in the place of gestures or to the accompaniment of gestures to widen out still further the application of the verb iikuti [see uhi-Ti 4 (a) and (b)].

On 14 July, 1915, when the dictionary had been printed off as far as page 368, our joint labours were nearly consumed in smoke by a fire breaking out in the engine-room immediately beneath the place where the printed sheets were stored.

Matthew's of the year 1910 enthusiastically gathered bird- names and bird-lore for me ; Rev. The printing has taken over two years, but could not have been finished within this time but for the enthusiasm of Mr. The native compositors have taken a keen interest in the progress of the work and latterly rendered great assistance in the definitions of words.

in the so-called r5, which has been indicated as r h in accordance with Mr. Sim's 'The Forests and Forest-Flora of Cape Colony' (Taylor and Henderson, Aberdeen, Scotland, 1907) has served as the standard in the naming of trees ; from a botanical point of view this work is invaluable, though in the spelling of Kafir words it is often defective. Kropf ex- tended the scope of his dictionary to include the Zulu names of trees, and it becomes clear from Sim's book that Kropf 's Zulu tree-names owe their origin to Fourcade (whose book I have not had the opportunity of seeing). Matching hi-resolution photosets come with each HD video.

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