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A business blog is an essential element of your marketing strategy. I started my first blog (the very one you’re on right now) in 2004.At the time, I was in the real estate and mortgage industry and looking to make connections on a local level.There is an issue between Cloudflare's cache and your origin web server.Cloudflare monitors for these errors and automatically investigates the cause.We share with you this image of our dear friend Behnaz Aram, the gifted fashion designer who is now chief designer for H&M:s still secret "luxury brand", with former Iranian Emperess Farah Diba last week at the banquet for the Marianne & Sigvard Bernadotte Prize for young artists and creatives, where Behnaz was awarded.For Behnaz, whose family fled Iran shortly after she was born, after the Shah of Iran had been overthrown by the ayatollahs, it was a big moment to meet and get to know the Shahs former wife and Emperess, legendary in the fashion world and known as one of the Parisian houses’ foremost clients. But I quickly figured out the national implications as well.

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The exhibition has been deemed so controversial that the restaurant has fashioned a curtain seperating the dining room where the images are exhibited from the rest of the large brasserie.Not only is it a cost-effective way to enhance your inbound marketing efforts, but it also becomes a magnet – attracting prospective clients in an organic and natural way.Whether you’re looking to start a blog from scratch or reinvent your current blog, this post will walk you through the setup of a successful (and profitable) business blog.How do I know these steps will set you up for success?

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It's so much just like him to execute his idea all the way out all the same, cost what it will, without worrying all too much about the consequences.